How To Build Your Cat's Trust (And Affection!)

If you have a nervous cat then finding the best luxury cat hotel in Watford to care for them when you’re on holiday could be the best option to make him or her feel relaxed and secure. Not all cats are as confident as others and if you have an anxious cat then you might be interested in Readers’ Digest’s top tips for getting your cat to love you as much as you love them.

It may sound like the most obvious thing in the world, but make sure you put time aside throughout the day to pay attention to your cat. It’s also important to work out when they need time on their own, especially if your cat is slightly nervous. Always let it be on their terms and don’t force any interaction if they aren’t feeling it. You should notice over time though that your cat will learn to enjoy time with you and begin to approach you for attention.

You can use play and treats to build trust with your cat. When you give a treat, talk to your cat as the same time – they’ll begin to recognise your voice and associate it with positive emotions. When it comes to play, cats interact with toys that move freely such as a feather, so attaching one to a piece of string you can control will be great fun for your feline friend.

Brushing your cat is another great bonding exercise that can improve trust between you, but read the signs your cat is giving you, as some prefer not to be brushed.