October Is Black Cat Awareness Month!

While your beloved pet is surely well taken care of day in day out, try to spare a thought for the poor unloved kitties that find themselves in rescue and rehoming centres instead of curled up on their owner’s lap at the end of a long hard day.

And spare even more thought for black cats, as these poor little things are actually adopted at lower rates than any other cat colours, most likely because they’re associated with bad luck.

October is actually Black Cat Awareness Month so if you were thinking of adding to your brood, why don’t you see if there are any tiny black panthers at your local cats’ home in need of adoption.

Sharon Comrie, animal rescue and rehoming centre superintendent with the Scottish SPCA, said: “Unfortunately sometimes our black cats can wait longer for new homes than our other felines. Black cats are adopted at a rate lower than any other colour of cat, which we can’t understand at all.

“We believe this is because some people think they are unlucky, which is a real shame as they are gorgeous cats who make loving, affectionate companions.”

According to PETA, three to four million cats go into animal shelters each and every year. Some of these will find their forever homes but, some 71 per cent of them are put to sleep – and sadly the majority of these are black cats.

You can help these poor little critters by adopting a black cat yourself or, if you’re not in the position to do this at the moment, try raising awareness and spreading the word of the plight of the black cat instead.

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