If you’re off on holiday, then finding a luxury cat hotel for your pet near your home is all part of the parcel of making your vacation arrangements, and knowing they’re in good hands is a big weight off your shoulders. That’s especially important this year, with the hot summer weather we currently have, as you’ll want to make sure your cat is in a comfortable, relaxing environment in spite of the weather.  If they’re struggling already with the heat, take a look at these tips for helping to keep them cool over the summer months.

Keep your cat inside during the hottest times of the day, making sure they’re indoors by 11am in the morning. They can then be let back out at around 3pm, when the temperature has cooled down, but keep an eye on the thermometer, as this summer has remained hot well into the early evening.

Cats can get sunburn just like us, so purchasing a pet friendly sun screen can avoid painful burns. Apply to obvious exposed areas such as ears and nose, as failure to keep on top of this could result in skin cancer, especially common in light skin cats, which can ultimately end up in them having to have their ears amputated. You’ll be able to purchase a good quality cream online – usually these sun screens can also be used on dogs and horses.

The more fresh water available to your cat the better. You’ll need to make sure they keep hydrated throughout the day, and you could add some ice cubes to their water bowl to keep it extra cool. Regularly offer the bowl to them so they remember to drink.

You should be grooming your cat regularly to keep them cooler in the heat. If your cat is a long haired breed then you should take them to the groomers more regularly in the summer.

If your cat does seem hot then simply rubbing some cool water onto their coat is a quick and effective way to bring their temperature down.