Phew, what a day! Just back from my first engagement as a professional model and I must say it was quite exhausting. Still I’m now the proud owner of a Purrshire Cat Activity Centre so I suppose it was worth it. Me and my brother Rhett had been invited with our noisy Siamese cousins (the less said about them the better!) to have our photos taken to promote Lily’s Retreat – a new hotel for cats.

Things didn’t start too well though. When me and my brother were finally packed into our travel crates (after hurtling up and down the stairs several times and hiding under the sofa until we were very forcibly removed) we had to endure a 30-minute drive to Lily’s Retreat. Why don’t humans understand that driving and cats’ digestive systems just don’t mix??? I shall say no more except that it just isn’t dignified!

Still, on arrival we didn’t have long to sulk as we were straight away shown to our suites to prepare ourselves for the shoot. I had great fun exploring my Mr Darcy suite! It’s got lots of room with cat flaps and different levels so you can jump around or just curl up and admire the view. I could see lots of trees which will soon be full of birds, yum yum! Lots of my favourite toys too and although I’m supposed to be colour blind I couldn’t help noticing they seemed to match the décor. Co-ordination is so important don’t you think?

There’s a great choice of beds and soft blankets and I’m sure there would be something to suit even the most pampered of us (i.e. our Siamese cousins!!!). I didn’t have long to try them out though as I had to get ready for my modelling debut.

Obviously I wanted to look my best so it was time to try out the spa treatments. I opted for a vigorous brushing which didn’t disappoint. Ever been groomed with a washing up brush from the Conran Shop? All I can say is try it. Our mum says she won’t pay Conran prices for a washing up brush but I’m working on her. Pay up or the carpet gets it! General fussing and petting is included in the room rate and you’ll get lots of it from Lily’s Retreat owner Louise and her mum and dad who are on hand to attend to your every whim. And if you like to relax to a bit of music you can request your favourite from classical to hip hop (personally I like a bit of soft jazz when I’m chilling).
Although we were offered a few of our favourite nibbles we couldn’t stay for dinner as Mum was determined to get home for something called ‘Corrie’. But I saw that succulent salmon flakes were dish of the day so looks like the menu is truly 5 star too.

I can never understand why humans feel the need to go off and leave us, but if yours do then I can recommend Lily’s Retreat for a purrfect 5 star stay.

All that posing is very tiring so I’m off for a snooze now before supper.

Enjoy my photos!